Team Aldridge

Team Aldridge @ Ray White

Ever since Frank and I could remember, we have always wanted to do something together as a joint venture.  We have both grown up under African standards, we are hard workers, in Africa, if you dont work, you simply dont live.  We have grown up with strong values, respecting our elders, always doing what we do to the best of our ability but with respect for others regardless of their situation.  We are extremely competitive in nature - we actually compete against each other and neither of us like to lose.  We have a mutual respect for one another - we believe in challenging ourselves.  
Moving to New Zealand was tough - we left all our family and friends behind and coming to a country we knew very little about.  Our main reason for leaving was to give our first born the best opportunity in life we could afford to give him and subsequently our daughter. 
I have always loved working with people, I did a stint overseas looking after handicapped people, I have always had a strong affiliation with the health industry and truth be told, if I had the money I would give everything up to study nursing.  But, I have found working with people through the real estate industry satisfying - and I say this with all sincerity.  I genuinely love working with people - the total satisfaction you get when you are helping the older couples making their final move or helping the younger couples with their first home or just helping people move from A to B.  Our biggest concern entering an industry such as this is the perception from the public - our friends and family.  Let's face it, real estate does not have a good reputation and there have been some absolute misfits working in the industry.  When the REINZ brought in regulations, I found that very good - a bit of study, experience, knowledge should add creditation to the industry and I believe it is important to be held accountable so regular licencing and training is a must.
When Ray White approached me to go into business ownership - we were both very scared about what this meant to us as a family, couple but it was our dream to do something and we realised that if we dont take advantage of the opportunity now, it may never be presented to us again.  My biggest concern was around the loyalty I had with my previous employers - that was the hardest thing for me.  We have put everything on the line, we sold our home and put the equity into the business to make it work.  Things fast became a reality.  We dont believe in failure, we believe in progress.  It's been a tough start in a good market but even in a good market, we have aimed to deliver a personable, excellent service. - we dont always get it right but we are trying very hard to change the look, feel, face and perception of real estate agents.
We are a young, growing, family just basically making a living, doing the best we can with a business we can hopefully pass down to our kids, who will be proud of the relationships we have built with people over the years and who will trust us moving forward.